on mornings

I’m not a morning person. I love nighttime and I love sleep, so mornings get the shaft by default. I don’t really have anything against mornings, just that they happen so early in the day. If they started about four hours later, I think I could really like them.

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  1. peregrine

    Yay, you have a blog! Been too long since we’ve chatted…

  2. Bryant

    Who was it that decided that everything needed to start so early in the day, anyway? It seems like the standard business hours don’t have much of anything to do with the business that is conducted during them.

    I bet it was the farmers that made us get up early in the morning. Daylight savings time is their fault, too.

  3. *Star

    You know, they’ve proven that kids do better when school is scheduled later in the morning. All those schools that start at 7:30 are barking up the wrong tree.

  4. stefani

    I actually like mornings…but only when they are associated with dawn or with light. I do NOT especially appreciate mornings that are still cold and dark.

    Which begs the question…does morning mean when the sun comes up or the time that society would generally accept as within the morning category? And where does mourning play in to all of this?

  5. i vote that no one should be allowed to make me do anything until AFTER about 9:00am. do we have a deal? — i know. i'm blushing.

    [...] and peruse the New York Times. You know, right before I solve world hunger at 8:00.” But I’m not like that. For me, 7:30 is stupidly early. I know I’ll suck it up and rise to the occasion or whatnot. [...]

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