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Why is “lbs” the abbreviation for “pounds”?

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  1. Lord Brittain

    It stands for “Lord Brittain’s Stool”, and dates back to the English physicist who standardized the weight of a pound by using averge weight of his own stool. Lord Brittain used the measurement in several essays but never explained the acronym nor how the weight of a pound was chosen. It wasn’t until his diaries were made public after his death that the truth was discovered, and by then the acronym was already in common usage.

  2. Kelly

    Wow, Lord Brittain must’ve been a substantial man. One pound on average? Sheesh.

  3. the narrator

    The abbreviation lb comes from the Latin word libra, meaning “scales, balances”, which also described a Roman unit similar to the pound.

    (I stole that from Wikipedia).

    I like Lord Brittain’s explanation better though.

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