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Right now, I’m sitting here thinking about the phrase “bought the farm” and failing to see the connection. Why does “he bought the farm” mean “he died”? If anything, it seems like he’d be losing the farm, not buying it. …Right?

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  1. Matt ( is there any other?)

    So I wasn’t completely off -


  2. Kelly


  3. Fara

    Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!
    Do you know the npr show “A Way With Words”? http://www.waywordradio.org/

    You’ll LOVE it. (I love it, and because you love me, it follows fallacious logic that you’ll love it too, right?)

    It will answer all your smart wordy question and aid in the furthering of your nerdiness (which I believe is a very good thing).

  4. Steph

    haha, when I read it I think of it as a sore analogy–one wanting you to connect something as expanse, and fruitful as a farm with that great fruitful expanse in the sky that most holy people aspire to.

    So, In a sense, he bought that farm…the one up there.

    perhaps?? I have no clue, truthfully. But that is the only way in my mind that I can even begin to work it out!

  5. Kelly

    Fara, you’re right! That NPR show is fantastic! I just now listened to an episode all the way through, and I felt like a total nerd sitting here with my computer on my lap laughing to this radio show. I loved it. I’ve got a lot of questions for them… maybe I’ll call in some day.

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