random tuesday

Because… why not?


My favorite photo from last week


(I got this idea here.) “Set your mp3 players to shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up. Go!”

…And not that you all are aching to know what randomness is on my iPod, but it sounded like something fun so I thought I’d entertain myself for a minute or two.

  1. “Roll Out (My Business)” by Ludacris (Did you know I used to really like rap? [Although "really" might be a stretch.] I attribute that partially to the fact(s) that I grew up in Danbury, wanted to fit in, and I hadn’t yet taken my Women’s Lit class from Gloria Cronin.)
  2. “The Hero Dies in This One” by The Ataris
  3. “Carry This Picture” by Dashboard Confessional
  4. “Freak A Leak” by Petey Pablo (I know… I know… and I’m sorry)
  5. “Precious Things” by Tori Amos (Do you think my iPod is intentionally trying to be ironic?)
  6. “Casino” from the Run Lola Run soundtrack (…A highly influential movie in my life, first introduced to me by Fara. We can talk about that another day.)
  7. “Warning Sign” by Coldplay (This song will forever be tied in my mind to the click clack of a fast-moving train; the feel on my skin of a tired old sleeping bunk upholstered with rough, fake velvet; and anxious excitement keeping me awake in a dark a sleeping car headed west towards Italy. My first time.)
  8. “No One Is Alone” from the Into the Woods soundrack (It’s always kind of weird when a musical comes on while I’m listening to music on shuffle. But even so, I adore this song.)
  9. “Make this Go On Forever” by Snow Patrol
  10. “It Passed” by Kalai


Faint sweat.   …Instead of showering when I got home from the gym a little bit ago, I got online.


Just being honest.


> What’s with the phrase “nip it in the bud”? What the does that really mean?

> It’d be cool if cars came equipped with some kind of monitoring system, and anytime a driver started doing something stupid (like, say, merge into your lane in the middle of a busy intersection, keep their right blinker on as they make a left turn, or creep lazily across the line towards your own car on the highway) a voice would blare out of the driver’s speakers informing him or her of whatever dumb thing they’re doing. The world would be a better place.

> This and this make me smile.  (I love the socks that keep slipping down past his toes.)

> Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to drive the speed limit everywhere I go. It’s quite hard. I’m not very good at it yet.  (It seems that car speaker thingy would be pretty helpful for me.)

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  1. *Star

    1. The Luckiest: Ben Folds
    2. Don’t Drink the Water: Dave Matthews Band
    3. Come On, Feel the Noise: Quiet Riot
    4. The Thunder Rolls: Garth Brooks
    5. Have You Ever Seen the Rain: C.C.R.
    6. Carrying the Banner: Newsies Soundtrack
    7. Angels We Have Heard On High: Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    8. I Was Here: Lady Antebellum
    9. Even Better Than the Real Thing: U2
    10. Nightingale: Saves the Day

  2. Your Photo Tips

    Really digging that image and loving the tunes you picked out!


  3. Kelly

    to *Star:
    Nice! That could almost be one of our college mixes, or at least the beginning of one (since those tended to want to creep over onto 2 CDs).

    to Damien:
    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Kat

    Really nice

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