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I know that by the time February rolls around a lot of people are aching for summertime, but I’m loving this winter.  I’m hoping for a new, thick blanket of snow any time now.

There’s something magical about a snowy night to me. Maybe it’s because the the feeling of snow stuck to my eyelashes is fused in my memory to the hopeful anticipation of canceled school. All I know is there’s something simultaneously soothing and mysterious about the night sky being washed pink. I adore the quiet patter of flakes landing on the ground punctuated by the distant sound of snow plows grinding against the asphalt. Ah, is there anything better?

I did a quick perusal of Flickr and dug up these lovelies.  I love how a snowy night has a way of making the noisy places in our world quiet…

…and making the already-quiet places in our world positively silent.

It’s like the world is holds its breath.

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  1. Lauren

    You know, I’ve been thinking this past week about doing a very similar post. Not about how much I love snow, because that’s absolutely not true. lol…I really hate waking up to snow in the morning. But I do love and respect the silence that snow brings. It always amazes me that you can hear just about every other kind of weather. And snow is just rain…gone silent. The other night I was listening to the rain patter on the roof, and then it went silent. The rain could have just stopped, but I knew that it had turned to snow. So peaceful.

  2. Your Photo Tips

    I absolutely love the calmness that snow really brings. Because I live in West Texas I rarely get to enjoy that luxory so perhaps it’s a longing for something different.

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