roundhouse kick to the face

I had no idea how deep my disdain for those nasty ads was, but it was apparently pretty deep because every time I’d come to my blog to make a new post, I’d be so grossed out by those images that I’d leave instead of posting. It kind of felt like it’d be wrong to post anything next to those nasties. Well, I think two weeks later, it’s high time to get over it.

If there’s any force tough enough to combat those sick pictures, I’d say it’s definitely Chuck Norris. Tuesday was The Chuck’s birthday (did you know his name is really Carlos Ray Norris?), and to commemorate his entry into the world, we threw the one true Texas Ranger a little party.

Complete with cake:

Good times had by all.

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3 Responses to “roundhouse kick to the face”

  1. *Star

    My favorite part was that instead of blowing out the candles, Bryant put them out with a Chuck Norris palm strike.

  2. kat

    At last…the work of art we’ve been awaiting…good one, Kel

  3. ’cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you — i know. i'm blushing.

    [...] a year ago, I posted a picture of a birthday cake I made for a ridiculously random party my friends threw in Chuck Norris’ honor. Just a couple days [...]

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