the nostalgia fog

I sometimes let myself get too nostalgic, and it puts me in this weird haze.

It’s like the feeling when you’ve played a video game for way too long. Your mind feels submerged in that other world, and all you can think about is Donkey Kong and Ditty racing through the mines in a cart.

Nostalgia is like that to me. Reality becomes blurry. These dusty, warped, old memories mix with the facts of present-day life, and I’m left in this funky haze. It’s weird.

And then I’m caught up in this need to reconnect with random people from my past. I just spent the last fifteen minutes looking for an old friend online. Who knows why. I haven’t talked to her since high school. I just felt like I wanted to make sure she was okay. Felt like I wanted her to know that I remembered her. But I couldn’t find her.

It’s weird when people disappear. She’s not even on facebook. Who’s not on facebook? Even my dad is on facebook.

Of course, in this strange, foggy state, I magically find my yearbook open on my lap. (Don’t judge… I know it’s crazy that I still have that thing, and even crazier that I know where it is.) I sift through these amusing old pictures and sappy messages from classmates who have all disappeared. Weird weird weird.

“Keep in touch!” “I’m going to miss you!” “I know you’ll do well.” “You owe me like $1,000,000 in gas money.” (And I probably did, actually.)

Is it pathetic that it makes me feel a little blue? I don’t even know why I feel blue. I love my life now, and I loved my life then (well, I at least love the memories), so I don’t know why nostalgia makes me feel a little melancholy.

Maybe I just let myself soak it up for too long.

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  1. Bryant

    I think I get sucked in to memories when I remember a time or person that I haven’t thought about in a long time. I think I end up reliving some of the feelings of the memory, too, but I don’t necessarily get “blue” about it unless I’m remembering my own mistakes. And then I pretty much always feel sad. Even if things turned out fine in the long run, the guilt sticks with me.

  2. Mars

    Sometimes I too think of Donkey and Diddy Kong racing through a mineshaft in an old rickity cart, barely jumping in time to survive, smashing onto the top of alligators’ heads…..

    What was the subject again?

  3. Kelly

    Nothing else. That was the main subject. ;)

    I actually do miss that game a lot. Do you have it?

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