weekend getaway

I’ve got so much to do this weekend, I thought it might be helpful to make a list so I can keep track of it all.

san francisco list

I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m more than a little excited about our trip.

(Psssst… you can make your own cool card catalog images here!)

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3 Responses to “weekend getaway”

  1. Lauren

    Oh my gosh I love this thing! I think I’m going to make one too! Have fun on your trip. I can’t help but sing, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…”

  2. stefani

    Yes, yes, and love San Francisco so much that you will want to come back there this summer. And move there.

    We get to the area on April 24. I need friends.

  3. Kelly

    Stef, good luck with the move! You’re going to make tons of friends out there. You’re like a friend magnet. You are the MAGNETO of friends (uh, it’s clear that Bryant is rubbing off on me). Plus, San Francisco is full of a lot of gentle people. That can only be a plus. Just don’t forget the flower in your hair. (Ugh, someone stop me with these awful San Francisco song quotes. I’m outta control.)

    I wish our trip had been a little later, or that your move had been a little sooner. I would’ve loved to see you. And one more thing, I now need your address again to send those wedding pics I promised you… sorry…

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