sand between the toes

Happy Friday. Here’s hoping for a good, relaxing weekend.

picture of shifting tides over my feet

Pics from our trip to Carlsbad, CA in March

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  1. Jennifer

    love these photos. I envy you a tad because I’ve not had sand between my toes in so long. anywho, your blog is lovely, and I enjoy reading it. I linked you on my blogroller thingy. just thought I’d de-lurk.

    have an awesome day & weekend.


  2. Kelly

    Yeah, few things rival the feeling of sand between the toes. It’s enough to make me vow to move to a coastal area every time I happen to visit a beach. Literally. I promise myself every time.

    And also, the only thing more exciting than having a lurker is having a de-lurker! So, hi there, Jessica. I’ve started perusing your blog now, too, and I’m hooked! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Jennifer

    thanks for the comment. I do the same when I read a blog for the first time. besides a comment is a comment is a comment. so thanks again!

    Kahlil Gibran is just amazing and has such a way with words that the actually have a physical effect. Only a few writers do that for me. Definitely check him out if you haven’t already.

    hope your weekend is awesome! tis quite warm here.

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