the best things

The best things that happened today, possibly in ascending order:

  1. Parking in the driveway. — Since our neighbors who live upstairs are gone on vacation, we get to use the driveway. The DRIVEWAY instead of the road. It feels extremely luxurious.
  2. Getting a back rub, however small. — I’m still hoping Massage May will catch on. So far, it’s been two for two, though Friday’s was more of a joke back pat than a real massage. I figure it’s okay to start small.
  3. Not cooking dinner. — Bryant is my favorite. He was a champion in the kitchen tonight and made me the best breakfast for dinner I’ve had in a long time. Hashbrowns with country gravy, spinach and cheese omelets, and bacon. Delish.

An excellent Saturday in my book.

breakfast for dinner

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  1. bec

    spinach and cheese omelets huh? That meal looks so good, I’ll have to give it try sometime.

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