everyone’s lonely

How is it that so many people can feel so alone all at once and all in the same place? Weird, huh? Has it always been like this?

I think loneliness is really more like fear disguised as melancholy… fear of reaching out, fear of rejection, fear of who knows what… I think sometimes there doesn’t really have to be something to be afraid of for fear to exist. Sometimes it’s just fear. And so, sometimes it’s just loneliness.

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  1. Stefani

    Kelly, if you’re lonely in Utah feel free to visit me in California.

    Or even if you’re not lonely you can come visit me in California!

  2. Peregrine

    I think it’s the other way around: fear comes from loneliness. DFW used to say that the human experience is to be imperially alone, stuck in your own skull-sized kingdom. B/c no matter how much empathy you have, you can’t actually escape that place that is you. Which is where alone comes from. And fear is, I think, one of the ways we express that.

  3. Bryant

    DFW = Dallas/Fort Worth airport?

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