roll the window down (hit play: passenger seat)

I was the only one on the road for miles. No lights shone before or behind me, only the stars above and the glowing half-moon. No lamp posts lit my way ahead on the curving canyon road, only my own cockeyed headlights.

Death Cab’s “Passenger Seat” began to play (listen to it in my player over there on the right), and I rolled my window down. Cold, night air poured in. I turned on the heater. I know it might seem ridiculous, but I couldn’t ignore the necessity of an open window as I drove through the deep night in such a tranquil canyon with music like that playing. And since the autumn mountain air is a bit nippy, a blowing heater takes just the right edge off. It’s a method my roommate and I perfected on stressful college nights when we needed a release. Call me crazy, but try it sometime and you’ll understand why I do it.

There was no stress tonight, though. I felt deliciously content. Happy. Beautiful dark mountains, changing seasons, the freedom of a full tank of gas, and the irreplaceable feeling of someone waiting for me at home.

Michael Stipe was telling me about how he’ll take the rain as I drove down the highway and approached my exit. His voice flooded my car. It filled up every possible space, rushed into every corner, to the point of bursting. Nearly.

It was quite possibly a perfect night. The ride up the mountain was just as refreshing as the ride down, as was the company in between.

It’s good for me to change my rhythm every now and again.

Remember being a kid and riding in the car with your friends, the windows down, singing along with your favorite song at the top of your lungs? How come we don’t do that as adults? I hope, many years down the road, after much more life has happened to me, I still find occasion to sing at the top of my lungs with friends in my car.

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3 Responses to “roll the window down (hit play: passenger seat)”

  1. kat

    I’m inspired…your old mom is going to do the same thing on my way down the road at 6:30 in the morning…going to meet my buddy for our walking workout.

  2. Holly Austin

    hey, i was looking for quotes and came across ur blog (the magic of google) I really liked it and just downloaded fiona apple never is a promise. Love it! The one I got is just her, a piano and violins. Don’t know if its the one u have been talking about. Also I just want to make a recommendation – The Verve – Drugs Don’t Work. Its amazing and I think u’ll like it.

  3. Kelly

    Hey Holly, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out. And the Fiona Apple one I was talking about is a version without violins. It’s just piano with vocals. I actually found a copy of it on my old computer at my parent’s house a few months ago, which totally made my day. I need to get the music player in my sidebar up and running again so that you can hear it.

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