things that stink

You know what stinks?

Rotten garbage, flaming bags of dog poo, and when more than half of your entire blog post mysteriously disappears right after you finished writing the dang thing. As in, it was complete and all I had left to do was paste in one last link. It kind of puts me in too cranky of a mood to write it over again right now. Maybe later I will, but at the moment I think I’ll go kick a tree. Just kidding. I like trees. Maybe I’ll go hug one instead.


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2 Responses to “things that stink”

  1. the narrator

    I hate that.

    We should all play again soon.

  2. be

    You should kick a computer, it’s their fault. Just don’t kick my computer. Or yours. Or any other one that we’d have to pay for if you broke it.

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