laziness triumphs over all

I’ve had this antsy itch lately. It’s a quiet but festering desire to be creative… to make something.

But I don’t know what.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Why don’t you knit something?” But I ignore that thought. My yarn, knitting needles, and partially finished projects are still sitting in an unopened box in the study. (I know, how long have we been in our new place and we still have unopened boxes? It’s a shame, but it’s definitely not a surprise!) There’s some mildly repellant force between me and that yarn box—like two positive sides of a magnet that push each other away. I don’t know what that’s about.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Why don’t you play piano?” And sometimes I actually do. I’m teaching myself a great new song. So far I can play the first page… at half the speed and with a millionth of the talent of Mr. Zimerman in that video there, but I’m still trying. The piano is fun, and it’s a great outlet, but even with my extra playing lately, I’m still getting this creative itch.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “It’s the blog. You ought to blog more.” But clearly I haven’t been listening to that voice.

And sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Aw quit your whining already. Just turn on the TV.”

And that, of course, is usually the thought that wins.

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