the fainting goat and other adventures

We found this cool place in Seattle called “Fainting Goat Gelato,” and as everyone knows, anything with goat in the title must be excellent. The word gelato doesn’t hurt either.

Needless to say, the goat rule of thumb didn’t let me down; it was excellent. Bryant got the fainting goat flavored gelato. Thankfully, it didn’t taste like goat… at least not what I imagine goat to taste like. It was made with goat milk and this funky dried berry/raisin-looking thing (though we can’t remember its name) from some Greek island (though we can’t remember which one), but the locals have this tradition that it possesses special healing properties. I’m not sure if Bryant felt healed after eating it, but he was in a pretty good mood. It tasted odd and delicious. I like when those two adjectives join forces. My stracciatella was delicious, too.

Anyone who wants to come visit us will get a trip to Fainting Goat. …What? You thought I was above bribery?

Also, as we were walking down the street and fattening up on our delicious dairy desserts, we saw THIS:

(Er… whatever it takes?)

and THIS:

I’ve found my new favorite street in Seattle. Just thought I’d pass that along.

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4 Responses to “the fainting goat and other adventures”

  1. Lauren

    How fantastic. I love gelato and really need to get it more often… Have you seen this video on youtube?

    I’m so glad you like Seattle. The Northwest just seems to fit you so well! My favorite cookie place at Pikes Place Market is called Cinnamon Works. It’s so good. The cookies are huge and so good. Ah! I wish I was there now…

  2. *star

    One of my students brought a real fainting goat to class last week. We were having pet visitation day, and the goat was wearing a diaper and a pink studded collar. I had never heard of fainting goats!

    Also, good gelato–regardless of the name–is worth all those hours in the car.

  3. kat

    I actually saw a piece on fainting goats on TV…who knew? Also learned that goat meat is the number one meat eaten throughout the world. Just wanted to ask if this was your way of luring friends and enemies to Kirkland/Seattle?

  4. Kelly

    Star, I’ll take that as a promise. But might I suggest flying instead of driving? :) Not that it’s not worth the drive, of course! It’s just pretty snowy up in those mountains between there and here. ;)

    And Ma, I had no idea goat meat was so common. Crazy little fun fact.

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