Four random thoughts of the moment:

  1. I never tire of Hint of Lime Tostitos.
  2. My instructor cancelled lecture tonight, so I got home from school an hour and a half earlier than normal. Score.
  3. Someone keeps parking in our spot. It doesn’t really matter because we have two parking spaces and only one car. And it doesn’t always bug me, but tonight it kind of did. When I pulled in (an hour and half early!), I saw that same red car parked in our spot and got out my pen. I wrote a note pointing out that we pay for the spot and would like it if they stopped parking there. But I chickened out and didn’t put it on their car. Sigh.
  4. Lost. Tonight. Three hours! (Yes, I’m still watching and loving that. Isn’t anyone else?)

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4 Responses to “blabityblab”

  1. Loyd

    We just finished the 1st episode (which we downloaded) and are waiting for the second to start on the regular television (which hasn’t finished downloading yet).

  2. Lauren

    I really think you should post the note! I left a note on someone’s car once about their horrible parking job and although I felt sort of bad, I also felt liberated. But then the next day when my car was covered with snow (because I had to park outside) and theirs was nice and dry and clean I felt completely justified and I hope they felt bad! That’s so mean of me! But really, if you pay for that spot, you shouldn’t be letting someone park there for free! I’d probably be trying to figure out passive aggressive ways to get what I’d want too. Like parking in the spot they usually take… or leaving a note…or calling management. Because it would probably eat away at me until I’d break. whoa. long comment!

  3. Kat

    Or…tell them you’d be glad to “rent” them the spot until you get a second car….cha ching…$$$

  4. Kelly

    Someone once offered our landlord $10,000 to buy his extra spot. I don’t know who’s crazier: the guy willing to pay TEN GRAND to park closer to his apartment, or my landlord for turning down such an insane deal.

    Also, what did you think of Lost, Loyd? Have you watched the last half yet?

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