’cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you

Almost a year ago, I posted a picture of a birthday cake I made for a ridiculously random party my friends threw in Chuck Norris’ honor. Just a couple days ago, I was glancing through my site stats when I noticed that someone had gotten to my blog from a link at the Huffington Post.


Turns out, Mr. Norris made me famous. Well, maybe not famous. More like a teensy blip on the comedy-news aggregation scene. My cake photo found its way into some random post about amusing pop-culture cakes earlier this month at the Huffington Post.

This made me curious about how much traffic my one, obscure Chuck Norris post was bringing to my blog. It turns out, a LOT.

49% of the search terms people use to find my blog (through Google or Yahoo or wherever) have do with Chuck Norris. FORTY-NINE PERCENT! Who knew so many people are hungry for Chuck? (In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that I also counted terms that imply Chuck Norris but don’t necessarily include his name. For example, there were four hits on my blog using the search “will roundhouse kick you for food,” and I included that with the Chuck Norris tally because, well, wouldn’t you?)

Also, my site stat thingy was broken for a while, and within just an hour or so of [Bryant] fixing it, I noticed that two internet searches had already led people to my blog. Both were looking for Chuck.

Furthermore, what do you think the #3 most-clicked post in the history of this blog is? (I guess there’s really not much suspense in that question, considering that all I’m doing right now is talking about The Chuck.) That’s right! It’s my Chuck Norris birthday cake post. I know this place isn’t bursting with fantastic material, but I’m not really sure how I feel about the Texas Ranger making it in my top 3. …Proud?

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  1. Julie

    YAY!! I know somebody famous! That being said, I am disturbed that someout out there searched for “will roundhouse kick you for food”.

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