Absolem from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

So this might be considered old news, since the movie’s been out for more than a month now, but this past weekend, Bryant and I went into Seattle and saw Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It was wonderful. I’m totally enamored with it. You all probably already knew how awesome it was because you’re not weird like us and wait a month to go see the movies that look good. But if you haven’t seen it yet, go now!


We saw it in 3D, which was fun, as you can clearly tell by the expression on Bryant’s face.

In other news, we finally got Washington plates and new drivers licenses, so it’s like we’ve officially moved in. (Though, technically Bryant is still waiting on his.) The thing is, having Utah plates kind of felt like a protection—a valid disclaimer. When I was driving someplace new, it was almost excusable to be driving like a lost soul, pausing a little too long before turns, driving just a touch too slow to figure out where the heck I am. Or anytime I did something stupid on the road (unrelated to being new, just related to being a bad driver), I would say, “Sorry! Utah driver!” and I felt somehow justified and protected from ridicule. But now it’s official. We live here. No excuse for driving slow or crazy. I’m supposed to know where everything is. Supposed to know what I’m doing. Feels kind of like taking off the training wheels.

Moving Out

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  1. the narrator

    the local here stopped playing it in 3d before we had a chance to see it. would it still be worth seeing in the theater, or should we just wait til it’s on the small screen?

  2. Kelly

    I’d definitely recommend seeing it in the theater instead of waiting to rent, even if it’s only plain, old, boring 2D. ;) You could always put on some sunglasses during the movie to see if it helps add to the effect.

    PS. I can’t figure out why my blog always makes me moderate your comments. Normally it only moderates a person the very first time they ever leave a comment, but after that it remembers approved people and lets them post to their heart’s content. I’ll have to look into that.

  3. the narrator

    Well I’m using a different email now. Maybe that’s why. Let’s see if this gets moderated.

  4. Bonnie

    Congrats on the new licenses and plates! I can’t wait to ditch our Utah stuff… someday…

  5. Camille

    We saw it in the good old 2-D and it was still amazing. I agree with you Kelly, see it in the theater!

    I guess I should say congrats on the rites of passage into Washingtonian life, but I’m still sad you guys aren’t in Utah. I’m glad you are settling in though. Good luck with all of the adjustments, driving included! :)

  6. Kelly

    Haha, you say that now, Bonnie. But one day you’ll find yourself missing things about Utah, and it will totally freak you out. If nothing else, you’ll miss having so much material to crack jokes about. :)

  7. Kelly

    And Loyd, looks like you’ve got the stamp of approval now.

  8. *star

    I really liked it. When we walked out, I told Russ I wanted to go again immediately. He laughed like I wasn’t serious… I was. I wanted to pick it apart and get a second look at all the details. Sadly, Russ doesn’t believe in seeing the same movie twice in the same month (let along twice in the same night), so we have yet to go back.

    But we did just go see How to Train Your Dragon. It was cute. I’m asking for a dragon for my next birthday.

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