slow and steady

Remember how I mentioned that I was teaching myself that song?

Well, it’s taken four months, but I finally got it down. Top to bottom by heart. Feeling pretty happy about it.

I think I might try this one next? But probably only if I get to wear coattails like that.

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3 Responses to “slow and steady”

  1. stephanie

    let’s have a recital!

  2. schmath

    How do you stay motivated? I can’t bring myself to practice if I’m not taking lessons or performing, but I have that book of impromptus, and I love them. I want to play that one you want to learn too.

  3. Kelly

    Honestly, I don’t know how I stayed motivated. It was like magic. It doesn’t often happen. ;) I haven’t taught myself a real piece like this in forever. The timing was just right. I needed a diversion from studying every now and then, and this was a good reward. (Piano has always been a way for me to procrastinate, but this time I made my procrastination productive.) Plus I was okay with taking a long time to learn it. So I just chinked away at it a couple lines at a time every couple weeks. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself; I just decided that I was going to stick with it and then had fun with it. Want to learn this next one—number 3—together? Like a book club for piano music.

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