forever ago

I just found this:

I happened upon some of my old journal entries from many years back, during some of my darker days when just being alive was hard work, and this was one of the things I found.

It’s so strange and funny, and sometimes shocking, to read things written in the past. Because I don’t think I always realized what I was saying… how true and real the things I hoped for could be. How now, years later, I’d still be me, but be so different. That I’d have such a new view. That Me Now would be reading these words from a place that Me Then would have wanted to be. That it’s possible to grow. That those growing pains back then were just a part of the whole, long, messy process. They were a part of my “failing and continuing on anyway.” They were—in some terribly inconvenient and uncomfortable way—a part of my dream.

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3 Responses to “forever ago”

  1. Becky


    You’re awesome. I love knowing you!

  2. Stormie

    Good to know those of us that are in those “uncomfortable” stages DO have something to look forward to.

  3. Kelly

    Yeah, Stormie, it’s tricky to keep hanging in, and to keep hanging on to what matters. But it’s worth it.

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