::cough cough::

I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving. ¬†Actually, I’m pretty sure my whole extended family has been sick since Thanksgiving, unless they were sick right before or during Thanksgiving. It seems we had a white elephant exchange at my parent’s house: bring your favorite microbe to pass around. :)

Despite the stress of having to miss work, juggling school, and sitting around coughing out my insides, it is a little bit nice (am I allowed to say this???) to be forced to sit around at home and do nothing.

I’ve slept. A lot. I’ve read two books and started on a third. And if you knew me & my inability to sit through a whole book, you’d know what a great accomplishment that is.

And perhaps most importantly, Bryant and I (he’s sick too, of course) have completely caught up on all of our TV watching. Nothing left in the Hulu queue except some little random bits. Nothing on our Netflix streaming that’s calling our names too loudly.

So what the heck do we do now? This is a call to arms. Please, help a sister out. What shows should we be watching? Old shows, new shows, lay it on me.

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  1. Russ

    Instead of more shows, I recommend trying to figure out why it’s spelled “queue”. That has to be the weirdest word in the English language.

    Oh, I also think you should watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

  2. Shannon


  3. Star

    TV has not been good in a while. All the shows I used to like have fired all of their writers and are having elementary students figure out how to resolve the shows’ plot issues.

    So sorry. It’s been slim pickins.

    But if you’re in the market for a good book…

    (Though I must say I am impressed that you’ve read 3 and a half.)

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