so good.

This is a judge-free zone, right?


So now I’ll tell you the best tasting thing ever.

Butter plus brown sugar, beaten until it’s creamy, right before you add anything else to the cookie dough. I mean really, why even bother with the other ingredients? (Except maybe for the chocolate.)


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2 Responses to “so good.”

  1. Julie

    I heart you, Kelly. Lots and lots :)

  2. *star

    Judging? Psh.

    I opened a can of sweetened condensed milk the other day because I just wanted to eat it.

    Apparently, we are more interested in the baking ingredients than the actual baked goods…

    I’m chocking that up to an appreciation of the journey, rather than a focus on the destination.

    Also, this is another reason why we are friends.

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