perception is such a weird thing

Before I had a job, it used to feel like the only thing people ever talked about was their work. I dreaded meeting new people, going to parties, or anything else that would require small talk. I was so mortified at what I perceived was my enormous lack that I couldn’t handle the possibility of having to talk about it.

It’s funny because now that I have a job, I never even think about it. I mean, I guess people still talk about it, but it never feels like the only conversation topic anymore. And honestly, most people don’t really care what it is you do, or whether you get paid for it.

But I REALLY didn’t used to feel that way.

So strange how your insecurities mess with your perception. I wonder if there would have been a way to get over that insecurity without my circumstances changing. I wonder if I could have been comfortable enough with myself and my joblessness that my perception of things then could have been more similar to my perception now.

Also, I think I might define myself too much by my occupation/career goals. How do you not do that?

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  1. Lauren

    I like this thought. I agree too, we think everyone sees our insecurities but in truth, no one really notices them. Something for me to think about today.

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