you never know what you got till it’s gone

I’ve been fighting a little bug the past week. It was nothing too serious. I still went to school and work. No biggie. But Friday night this bug culminated in the utter destruction of my voice. I felt it slipping away at work, and then I thrashed what was left of it by stopping in at a karaoke bar with some friends and shouting the lyrics of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the top of my lungs until there was nothing left. Curse you Wayne’s World. What was I thinking?

Work on Saturday night proved interesting. Remember how I work with the geriatric population? Remember how they can’t hear anything unless it’s cranked up to at least twice the normal decibel level? Yeah. Well, then you can imagine. Saturday was interesting.

My poor voice is now left in shards on the floor. I’m afraid I’ve lost it forever. It cracks and creaks and rises and falls completely independent of my bidding. There’s no such thing as tone or inflection anymore. I’m relegated to a whisper.

I miss it. You never notice how much depends on your voice until you don’t have it anymore. It turns out I use my voice a lot, and not having one changes everything. The simplest conversations become complicated, and normal tasks—ones that you don’t even realize you use your voice for—become difficult.

People are totally meant to have voices. We come pre-packaged with these nifty little folds in our larynx that are made specially for sound-making. I’m telling you, it’s meant to be.

I want it back.

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  1. be

    It cracks and creaks and rises and falls completely independent of my bidding.

    It’s funny to picture you as a marionette hanging from strings, but when your strings get pulled it makes weird noises come out of your mouth instead of making your arms move.

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