i think i’m growing as a person…

…either that or really lowering my standards.

I just consciously drank two-day-old expired milk because, hey, it still tasted okay. And I didn’t think twice about it. Until now, I guess, when I’m clearly thinking about it again. But that doesn’t count.

This is likely the first time I ever willfully consumed anything past its date stamp. It somehow makes me feel more grown up. Is that weird? Maybe it’s just that I’m noticing that I truly am becoming my mother. ;) (Hey Ma! Love ya!)

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3 Responses to “i think i’m growing as a person…”

  1. Starla

    You’re better than I am. The date stamp scares the heck outta me. It only took one bad milk experience to make me terrified. I don’t know how they know when it will expire, but that date is often right.

  2. kat

    Well, it’s the day I’ve waiting for. My youngest is a grown woman. I’ll bet it was Costco milk, too…am I right? We’ve drank Costco milk for days past it’s date cause it was fine. Welcome to Womanhood Kel. Now on to yogurt, cheese…..skip the pop tarts for your brother’s sake.

  3. kelly

    No, it was milk from AMAZON FRESH! :) Maybe they should advertise how their milk is good past the date. Totally sounds appealing right?

    And old pop tarts will forever be off limits in my book.

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