big sister knows best

I’m pretty sure I’ve loved everything that my big sister has ever recommended to me. Music, books, food, movies. You name it. She knows what’s up.

Her latest good advice: Downton Abbey.


Holy smoke I’m addicted to that show. Even Bryant—who normally only watches shows like this when he’s trying to get something from me—admitted that he liked it. He walked in halfway through the third episode and then stuck around for the whole fourth.

I’ve just finished watching the first season, and I’m close to mortified that there’s not a second season yet. I don’t mean to wish away the summer when it is just barely making its entrance, but gosh, I’m looking forward to the fall now, too.

Stream this sucker on Netflix. You will thank me… and Fara.

PS. No idea who all but two of these maids are. They must’ve just scrounged up some extras to fill out the picture.

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, I LOVED it too! I watched it on Masterpiece Theater and didn’t know it was a TV series! I thought it was a movie. And then when it ended I was so shocked and disappointed because nothing was resolved! It was really tragic for me actually. I can’t wait for the next season.

  2. kelly

    Thank goodness my sis warned me about that. “Just so you know,” she said, “it’s a show, not a miniseries, and absolutely nothing gets resolved by the season finale.” And no kidding, it would’ve been seriously tragic if it really just ended there. Sorry you had to endure that. ;)

  3. Schmath

    Thanks for the recommendation. I just finished watching it. 7 hours of TV in 2 days-don’t judge. You should publish more stuff your sister likes, cuz now I’m bored.

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