blogging mood swings

Sometimes I miss blogging. Sometimes I can’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to ever want to blog again.

Sometimes I feel I have a lot to say. Sometimes I feel I have nothing to say. And sometimes the things I have to say don’t feel like things I’d want to say outloud. Or on a blog. And then again, sometimes they do.

Sometimes I click back through old posts and get all nostalgic, and I wish I was still writing. Sometimes I click back through old posts and feel so flushed with embarrassment that I wish I had never written anything at all.

Sometimes I have all these ideas flowing out of my ears, and I want to write about them all, but I’m too busy (or too lazy or too distracted) to actually get them down in writing. Sometimes I’m sitting in front of the computer, eager to write about anything, and n o t h i n g comes.

And so. Sometimes I post. Sometimes I don’t. For months and months and months and months. What can I say? I majored in economics: I have a lot of “on the other hand”s to go around.

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  1. Starla

    I <3 you. Hope you are doing a-maz-ing! :)

  2. the narrator

    I know the feeling.

  3. be

    That’s about how I feel about my blog, too.

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