hummingbirds in winter

When I’m old, I’m going to sit in an orange floral armchair in my room at the nursing home, staring out my window at my hummingbird feeding all day long. It’s practically what I do now anyway, minus the orange floral armchair. I’ve become mildly obsessed.

Something I like about Washington is having hummingbirds come to my feeder year round. I took these today while it was snowing.

In the meantime, my hummingbird obsession has rubbed off onto Bryant in a weird way: he’s been sitting here googling the world’s smallest creatures for the past 30 minutes and reporting all his findings to me. It started with the world’s smallest hummingbird, and has since escalated to the smallest bat, the smallest mammal (which happens to be the same bat), the smallest vertebrate (which is a frog), the smallest primate (a lemur), the smallest crocodile (4 feet), the smallest snake (3.8 inches), etc etc. Now he’s reading to me all about honey bees. Maybe we should’ve been zoologists.

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  1. kat

    makes us want to be there sitting with the both of you. We’ll even check out some to the garage sales (tag sales, if you’re from CT) for the orange chair. Thanks so much for posting this, especially the pic & video

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