found and Lost

No one else really notices the dates of posts (or let’s be honest, no one really notices these posts period), so it’s really only me that feels awkward about a 2+ year gap in writing.  I could just dive in and start writing again, and my little blog would churn back to life just as quietly as it stalled out.  But it’s too shocking for me to jump back in cannonball-style, without dipping my toe in first.  So this is my toe-dip, for my benefit only.

It has been a life-changing, joyous, tragic, triumphant, busy, and even sometimes boring two years.  That’s where I’ll leave my summary for now.

I’m not sure how much personal blogging I’ll get back into, but at the very least, I’m going to be blogging for a new project of sorts.

Star, Russ, Bryant, and I have started a “Lost Book Club.”  Russ described the concept beautifully: “It essentially replaces ‘reading’ with ‘watching TV.’ I’m not sure why this hasn’t caught on sooner.”

We’ve all seen Lost, and we all love it enough to watch it again.  Each week we’ll watch an episode, and each week one of us is commissioned with the job of writing something about it.  Russ kicked off the party with this awesome inaugural post.  Now, nearly two weeks late, I’m about to write something for the second episode.  Stay tuned.

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