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found and Lost

July 13th, 2014 — 2:10pm

No one else really notices the dates of posts (or let’s be honest, no one really notices these posts period), so it’s really only me that feels awkward about a 2+ year gap in writing.  I could just dive in and start writing again, and my little blog would churn back to life just as quietly as it stalled out.  But it’s too shocking for me to jump back in cannonball-style, without dipping my toe in first.  So this is my toe-dip, for my benefit only.

It has been a life-changing, joyous, tragic, triumphant, busy, and even sometimes boring two years.  That’s where I’ll leave my summary for now.

I’m not sure how much personal blogging I’ll get back into, but at the very least, I’m going to be blogging for a new project of sorts.

Star, Russ, Bryant, and I have started a “Lost Book Club.”  Russ described the concept beautifully: “It essentially replaces ‘reading’ with ‘watching TV.’ I’m not sure why this hasn’t caught on sooner.”

We’ve all seen Lost, and we all love it enough to watch it again.  Each week we’ll watch an episode, and each week one of us is commissioned with the job of writing something about it.  Russ kicked off the party with this awesome inaugural post.  Now, nearly two weeks late, I’m about to write something for the second episode.  Stay tuned.

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blogging mood swings

August 21st, 2011 — 8:08pm

Sometimes I miss blogging. Sometimes I can’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to ever want to blog again.

Sometimes I feel I have a lot to say. Sometimes I feel I have nothing to say. And sometimes the things I have to say don’t feel like things I’d want to say outloud. Or on a blog. And then again, sometimes they do.

Sometimes I click back through old posts and get all nostalgic, and I wish I was still writing. Sometimes I click back through old posts and feel so flushed with embarrassment that I wish I had never written anything at all.

Sometimes I have all these ideas flowing out of my ears, and I want to write about them all, but I’m too busy (or too lazy or too distracted) to actually get them down in writing. Sometimes I’m sitting in front of the computer, eager to write about anything, and n o t h i n g comes.

And so. Sometimes I post. Sometimes I don’t. For months and months and months and months. What can I say? I majored in economics: I have a lot of “on the other hand”s to go around.

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’cause the eyes of the ranger are upon you

February 10th, 2010 — 4:02pm

Almost a year ago, I posted a picture of a birthday cake I made for a ridiculously random party my friends threw in Chuck Norris’ honor. Just a couple days ago, I was glancing through my site stats when I noticed that someone had gotten to my blog from a link at the Huffington Post.


Turns out, Mr. Norris made me famous. Well, maybe not famous. More like a teensy blip on the comedy-news aggregation scene. My cake photo found its way into some random post about amusing pop-culture cakes earlier this month at the Huffington Post.

This made me curious about how much traffic my one, obscure Chuck Norris post was bringing to my blog. It turns out, a LOT.

49% of the search terms people use to find my blog (through Google or Yahoo or wherever) have do with Chuck Norris. FORTY-NINE PERCENT! Who knew so many people are hungry for Chuck? (In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that I also counted terms that imply Chuck Norris but don’t necessarily include his name. For example, there were four hits on my blog using the search “will roundhouse kick you for food,” and I included that with the Chuck Norris tally because, well, wouldn’t you?)

Also, my site stat thingy was broken for a while, and within just an hour or so of [Bryant] fixing it, I noticed that two internet searches had already led people to my blog. Both were looking for Chuck.

Furthermore, what do you think the #3 most-clicked post in the history of this blog is? (I guess there’s really not much suspense in that question, considering that all I’m doing right now is talking about The Chuck.) That’s right! It’s my Chuck Norris birthday cake post. I know this place isn’t bursting with fantastic material, but I’m not really sure how I feel about the Texas Ranger making it in my top 3. …Proud?

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good news, bad news

May 14th, 2009 — 2:23pm

GOOD NEWS: I just spent about three hours gardening. Outside. In the sun. It was wonderful.
BAD NEWS: I ripped a big hole in my gardening gloves and now my middle finger pops out of the top. …Which actually is kind of funny, so I guess it’s not that bad of news.

BAD NEWS: I almost just chucked my dirty clothes into the garbage instead of into the hamper.
GOOD NEWS: I’m at least trying to use the hamper.

GOOD NEWS: I haven’t eaten any junk food today.
BAD NEWS: I really haven’t eaten much of anything today. (Which is about to change right now, thankfully… and the “haven’t eaten any junk food” thing might change, too.)

BAD NEWS: My right eye has been twitching constantly all day long. Talk about annoying.
GOOD NEWS: Um, nothing. That’s just bad news. But also kind of funny.

GOOD NEWS: I’ve made a goal to blog every day this month (though I missed yesterday and this past weekend… I’m pretending that didn’t happen.)
BAD NEWS: That goal makes for some less-than-stellar posts, kind of like this one. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!

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in case you were curious

March 30th, 2009 — 4:07pm

I promise I haven’t forgotten about this thing; I’ve just been allowing myself to take a little break from it. I don’t imagine I’ll be gone for very much longer, so I’ll see you again soon.

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