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life in washington

April 2nd, 2010 — 9:23am

The most hilarious thing about living in Washington is the weather segment of the news. They always try to say something suspenseful to keep you watching through the commercial break, because seriously, you do NOT want to miss the report about what big weather event is coming our way. But in reality, all they ever say is that it’s probably going to rain today. And it’s probably going to rain tomorrow. And the next day. Then they act like it’s a huge surprise. Also, they don’t say “sunshine.” They say “sun break.”

Also alarming was pulling up to the drive-in at Dairy Queen the first week we lived here. Instead of listing Blizzard prices by size (S, M, or L), they list them by calorie content (bad-for-you, really-bad-for-you, or you’re-going-to-die-young). Mm, I think that’s something I didn’t want to know.

Parking lots are also funny places. It’s as if people don’t drive around looking for a free spot; they drive around looking for already-occupied spaces where a shopper is unloading her cart. Then they sit and wait for her to leave. We moved here during the last-minute Christmas rush, so I thought maybe this phenomenon was due to the high volume of shoppers. But it’s been a good three months now, and I still notice people doing this. They’re willing to sit and wait three minutes for you to leave, rather than drive a few more rows down to park in the spot that’s already empty. Patient folks, these Washingtonians.

Another thing. Sometimes the carpool lane is on the right side of the highway instead of the left. Strange. Also, stores have a bucket of complimentary umbrellas for you to borrow at their doors because, yes, it is always raining. A layer of green grows on everything—tree trunks, lampposts, house siding, stop signs. And my college campus looks just like the Dharma Initiative on Hydra island. Seriously.

Oh, and having a dishwasher is complete bliss.

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i vote that no one should be allowed to make me do anything until AFTER about 9:00am. do we have a deal?

February 9th, 2010 — 4:00am

A week from today, I start my NAC class. (Stands for “Nursing Assistant-Certified.” It used to be called “CNA” instead of “NAC,” and I don’t have any idea how long ago they changed it, but I’m having a heck of a time switching.) Becoming an NAC is part of my plan to ultimately go to PA school (“Physician Assistant” …too many acronyms here, I know), and then finally become a PA.

So my class is in Seattle and it starts at 7:30 in the morning. I know that normal, productive people are like, “What’s wrong with 7:30? It’s my favorite time of the day. It’s my time right after yoga class, when I eat my fiber-full bran muffin and peruse the New York Times. You know, right before I solve world hunger at 8:00.” But I’m not like that. For me, 7:30 is stupidly early. I know I’ll suck it up and rise to the occasion or whatnot. Maybe I’ll become a morning person or something. Who knows. Stranger things have happened. I think. At least it only lasts five weeks. Short and sweet. I can hack it.

But… I’m nervous. Not about the difficulty of the NAC class. I’m optimistic that I’ll do okay with the material. It’s not even the early-morning issue that makes me nervous. At least not directly. What gets me worried is time.


It’s all I’ve had lately. Soooo muuuuch tiiiiiiime. I know, I know, I’m the only one in the world who has ever had an excess of free time. But I did. And I liked it. As deadening and soul-sucking as it was to feel like I didn’t have direction, it sure was amazing to have tons of free time.

This move to Washington has been the catalyst for tons of changes in my life, one of them being less and less time to spare. I’m back at college, and I love it. I also love that college has been the only thing putting demands on my schedule. I’ve got all the time in the world to study. This NAC class will change that. I’m fully aware of how thoroughly ridiculous I sound. But I feel it, so I’m going to say it and just hope no one holds it against me. I’m worried I’m going to have a hard time getting used to balancing more than a couple things at once again. It’s been a long time, folks.

Plus, I probably wouldn’t mind as much if class started, oh I don’t know, after the sun came up? ;)

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February 2nd, 2010 — 7:52pm

Four random thoughts of the moment:

  1. I never tire of Hint of Lime Tostitos.
  2. My instructor cancelled lecture tonight, so I got home from school an hour and a half earlier than normal. Score.
  3. Someone keeps parking in our spot. It doesn’t really matter because we have two parking spaces and only one car. And it doesn’t always bug me, but tonight it kind of did. When I pulled in (an hour and half early!), I saw that same red car parked in our spot and got out my pen. I wrote a note pointing out that we pay for the spot and would like it if they stopped parking there. But I chickened out and didn’t put it on their car. Sigh.
  4. Lost. Tonight. Three hours! (Yes, I’m still watching and loving that. Isn’t anyone else?)

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laziness triumphs over all

January 18th, 2010 — 6:23pm

I’ve had this antsy itch lately. It’s a quiet but festering desire to be creative… to make something.

But I don’t know what.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Why don’t you knit something?” But I ignore that thought. My yarn, knitting needles, and partially finished projects are still sitting in an unopened box in the study. (I know, how long have we been in our new place and we still have unopened boxes? It’s a shame, but it’s definitely not a surprise!) There’s some mildly repellant force between me and that yarn box—like two positive sides of a magnet that push each other away. I don’t know what that’s about.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Why don’t you play piano?” And sometimes I actually do. I’m teaching myself a great new song. So far I can play the first page… at half the speed and with a millionth of the talent of Mr. Zimerman in that video there, but I’m still trying. The piano is fun, and it’s a great outlet, but even with my extra playing lately, I’m still getting this creative itch.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “It’s the blog. You ought to blog more.” But clearly I haven’t been listening to that voice.

And sometimes the thought crosses my mind, “Aw quit your whining already. Just turn on the TV.”

And that, of course, is usually the thought that wins.

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unfortunate timing

December 9th, 2009 — 2:05pm

My incredibly generous and spontaneous sister surprised me yesterday with the best gift ever: a bunch of Christmas music waiting for me to pick it up at my local sheet music store. New piano music! One of my favorite things ever!

The thing that’s killing me: just minutes before she called to tell me about this gift, the movers finished tying down my piano in the storage POD outside my house.

I’m honestly considering untying the piano and playing right there in the middle of the street.

All I have to say is, we better find an apartment in Washington FAST, because I’ve got to get that piano unloaded before Christmas. Otherwise—and I don’t care what anyone says—I’ll be playing Christmas music loud and proud during whatever month we finally get an apartment.

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things that stink

November 13th, 2009 — 9:54am

You know what stinks?

Rotten garbage, flaming bags of dog poo, and when more than half of your entire blog post mysteriously disappears right after you finished writing the dang thing. As in, it was complete and all I had left to do was paste in one last link. It kind of puts me in too cranky of a mood to write it over again right now. Maybe later I will, but at the moment I think I’ll go kick a tree. Just kidding. I like trees. Maybe I’ll go hug one instead.


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do we really look THAT young?

November 8th, 2009 — 8:22pm

Bryant and I are constantly mistaken for people about a decade younger than we really are. Today a stranger asked Bryant, “Hey are you the fellow who just got back from his mission?” Hah, no. Because that would make him around 21 years old, and he’s turning 31 next month.

Every time I see a particular woman who lives nearby, she tells me that she once again mistook me for a 15-year old as I approached.

Really? Why would you tell me that? More over, why would you tell me that every time I see you?

Yes, yes, I know “I’ll love it when I’m 50.”

But you know what? I’m not 50. I’m just a week shy of 25, not 15. And even though I’ve gotten quite good at laughing it off, it’s still the slightest bit insulting to constantly be thought of as a teenager. I graduated from college over two years ago. I have a bachelors in economics. And I’m married for goodness sake.

Thankfully, people who actually know me by more than just sight don’t mistake me for a teenager, and they certainly know I don’t act like one (all the time). But even so, every now and then I get the sense that I’m not being taken seriously. And it bugs. Sometimes I can’t wait for saggy skin and wrinkles.

Mmm, actually on second thought, I can.

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it's amazing how well i use my time

November 6th, 2009 — 6:14pm

I just spent the last hour memorizing the names of all 53 African countries just so that I could get 100% on this quiz.

I can do it in three and a half minutes. And just because I’m that way, I memorized the locations of the countries, too. …What’s awesome is that I’m proud enough of this accomplishment to blog about it.


I’d be such a good third grader.

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felt grass and other nonsense

October 28th, 2009 — 11:57am

I’ve kept my web browser open to this “edit post” screen for a day or two now and have just been jotting down my thoughts as they come to me at random intervals. Here’s the result:

One of the downsides of not having an automatic dishwasher is forgotten leftovers in the fridge. Unless I’m willing to part with the container, I’ve got to scrub the month-old nastiness off by hand.

There’s an elderly man who lives in a house on the corner down the road. He has amazing grass. No really, it’s amazing. It’s cut so short and is so thick that it looks like green felt. The best is when fall comes. I swear he has some kind of force field around his yard that prevents leaves from landing. No matter what time of day I pass his house, there’s never more than a handful of leaves to be seen even though he’s got three or four big, leafy trees on his property. But it stays that way—completely leafless—all season. Almost every time I pass by in my car I see him out tending to his lawn, armed with a rake. I always look for him. Even though he never notices me, it makes me happy to see him. Maybe it’s his pristine grass that makes me happy—tidy green felt without a leaf in sight. Maybe it’s his impeccable attention to detail that makes me happy. I don’t know exactly. I wonder if he loves it when all the leaves have finally fallen. Or maybe he’s disappointed that he has to wait another year to do it all again.

I’m not a cook by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve been kind of ambitious the last two days, making new recipes from a Martha Stewart cookbook. (I know, fancy.) Monday was a potato-onion frittata (fancy, I’m telling you) with a broccoli-chickpea-tomato salad. I was ecstatic when they actually came out looking somewhat like the pictures. Tuesday was a pear custard pie to celebrate our anniversary. Two years. Bryant made us a chiles rellenos casserole of sorts. It was good. I love it when he cooks. And when he brings home flowers.

You know what else I love? When milestones actually feel normal. I don’t mean that they’re unexciting, rather I mean that they make sense. Like graduating. It was fun and all, but it made sense to be done. I was finished and ready for the next thing. (Or rather, I thought I was.) Getting married was that way, too. My wedding day was honestly one of the happiest and most exciting days of my life—a huge milestone—but it made total sense. It wasn’t shocking and didn’t require any humongous adjustments for either of us (unless you count learning to fit two people into a teeny bed… we really should upgrade). So, our two-year anniversary was the same. Just another day, but still exciting too. During the day I texted Bryant, “It’s our anniversary. Cool, huh?” And he replied back, “Pretty neat.” …Like that. I love that. A normal milestone.

I’ve heard that Seattle has the highest suicide rate in the United States. (I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve heard it enough to think it’s common knowledge, and I’m too lazy to fact check.) And I’ve also heard Seattle’s notoriously gloomy weather is to blame. (Again, too lazy to read up on this.) I know some people genuinely suffer from some kind of “seasonal affect disorder.” I guess I do too. Just in a different way. I’m definitely affected by weather, but mostly I just love it. All of it. Lately it’s been that startlingly cool air when you open the front door. Mmm. And snow. Mmm. Oh, and another thing, I don’t really think Seattle is as gloomy as it’s reputed to be. Maybe I should see for myself.

I fear that I stew too long over decisions. Have I always been this way? I at least know that I’ve been this way for a while.

Timing isn’t everything. But it’s something.

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fear of stuff

September 22nd, 2009 — 5:03pm

I’m a creature of habit. I’m not sure if I’ve always been this way, or if it’s a character quirk that has developed as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable in my ways. Or said more honestly, as I’ve become less comfortable in others’ ways.

I guess what I’m getting at is I’m sometimes afraid to try new things. And by “sometimes,” I mean frequently. I’m not afraid of simple things like trying new foods or whatnot. It’s other kinds of things that scare me. Not that they’re not also “simple;” they’re just different. A few weeks ago, I had to go to the repair shop to get my bicycle fixed, and that made me a little tense. My hesitancy had something to do with not knowing the first thing about bikes and not knowing what kind of help to ask for when I got there. Weird, right? Another more recent event was driving to an unfamiliar location to fill out some paperwork for a job application. I nearly talked myself out of this one. It’s bad enough that I’d never been to the building before, but add a potential job into the mix, and forget it. I felt so nervous I’d actually classify it as fear.

The good thing is you probably wouldn’t notice my nerves in these situations (unless you were, say, my husband, who hears every grievance my scared little imagination can muster) because once I’m there in the middle of it, I play if off pretty well. I smile easily, talk casually, and act like I’ve got it (mostly) together. There is a high probability that I’ll blush though. Of course.

I don’t think I used to be this jumpy about simple things. Or maybe it’s just really easy for me to gloss over the “way I used to be” and remember my youth as this glowing success story. Whatever the case, the fact still remains that this is how I am now. I don’t like it. It gets pretty annoying, honestly. Especially when realizing that my worries are simply an invention of my crazy brain still doesn’t make the feeling go away.

I think this is something I could practice getting better at. Today I did something that I was afraid to do, and it worked out just fine. I’m thinking of something I could do tomorrow, too. Wouldn’t it be good if I could teach myself out of this silly rut?

…Am I really about to post this? Who are all you people reading these silly, embarrassing, immature things about me? And why do I even feel the need to click “publish?” I’ll chalk it up to narcism. ;)

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